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Privacy Policy

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ETA Support - Privacy Policy

The online service is a secure and efficient process that provides foreigners access to Australia. The agents online will guide you through the process of completing an application and obtaining a legal Travel Authorization handed out by the Australian Government. After filling out an application form provided, it is immediately processed.

The next step is having the ETA request approved by the Australian government, which in most cases, takes only 24 hours to complete. Possible delays in completion could be a result from incomplete data, incorrect information copied, or even problems with the ETA itself.

Once your application has been approved, you will be a sent an email with an authorization code connected to your passport that will allow you into Australia within one to two days or 24 to 48 hours. Before providing payment to receive access, you will be granted the opportunity to check over any of the information you have provided and make any changes if needed.

After clicking confirm, you will be directed to the payment area where you will enter your credit card to pay. The payment you provide is safe and secure from outside parties. If the Australian government rejects your application, you will receive a refund. However, if you simply wish to just cancel your application, you will still be charged a fee of RM20.00 MYR for each inquiry.

When an individual submits an application, it is rightly assumed that immediate processing of the application should take place. With the agreement that you are asked to abide by, you also ensure that you will respect the service representatives, employees and the website and will not take legal action if there is an issue or problem that has developed through inappropriate use of the website or misconstrued idea of the application process.

The content on the website is deemed property of Australia ETA and its contributors are safeguarded by international copyright and use of the trademark. Australia ETA offers a special service that is private independent business. Individuals do not need to obtain an ETA to enter Australia, but it is a convenient option.

Privacy: We do not under any circumstance share or leave open your private information. We protect your information from third-parties and hold a value of respect for your privacy at all times.

The only place your information is shared is with the Australian government who requires your information in order to grant you access to the country. While we respect individual’s right to privacy, we need your information in order to process your application and provide you with an ETA visa. We appreciate you working with us and trusting us to keep your information safe and secure in our care.


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